It’s not Just About Selling Guns

We don’t just sell a range of products. At Kings we take your firearms, outdoor and adventure needs seriously, and offer a complete set of services to accommodate this. When it comes to firearms, we are the experts and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Our professional services include repairs, training, and assistance with firearm licensing. We even have our very own shooting range at our Durban branch where we offer accredited courses and team building events.


It is a legal requirement in South Africa to obtain a firearm license when buying a firearm. An application, with required motivation, has to be submitted to the SAPS. As a prospective new gun owner, this can be rather daunting. We make this process easier for you by helping you every step of the way.


Need your gun to be modified, repaired, cleaned or refurbished? Our highly trained in-store gunsmiths are skilled at working with most brands of firearms, including those that require a high level of craftsmanship. They can assist with cleaning, servicing, repairing, customising firearms, restoring antique firearms and mounting telescopic sights.


Kings offers a complete shooting experience at our indoor shooting range, where you can shoot all firearms, including air rifles. With us you can learn to shoot or spend some time practicing your shooting skills. It is also an ideal venue for team building events or fun days out for the family, friends or as a social for the office.