When it comes to precision shooting, Kings is your shop. From tactical rifles and carbines to AKs, elite rifles and submachine guns, we stock a cutting-edge range of rifles built for all purposes from top manufacturers all over the world like Colt, Howa, Sako, CZ, Winchester, Daniel Defense and many more. Our rifles are used for plinking, sport shooting, and target practice. 


Whether you are looking for a quality shotgun for self-defence, to do some hunting, or for clay target shooting, Kings has a large inventory of shotguns of all sorts. Our range includes: Browning, Blaser, Beretta, Mossberg and more.


We stock a quality range of pistols and revolvers. We strive to maintain a wide selection suited to a variety of budgets and personal preference. Our collections are sourced from top manufacturers including Colt, Glock, Ruger, SIG, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, CZ, Girsan and Canik.  Our pistols and revolvers are used for self-defence, target practice, sport shooting, and competitions.


Whether you are looking for a firearm for target practice, plinking or competitions, Kings has a complete range of semi-automatic handguns ideal for dedicated sport shooters and shooters affiliated to sports clubs. You can choose from a range of trusted brands like Smith & Wesson, Daniel Defense, Ruger, Colt, and many more.


Kings offers a diverse range of previously owned firearms. For the new gun owner, or gun enthusiasts interested in buying a firearm as an investment, it may be a smart option to buy a previously owned firearm.